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After one final test, the results are conclusive: You prefer a cover with text only, no pictures. Option number 3 was the clear favourite. Your voices have been heard. And it seems Kellie was right once again! She was the first to propose this style of cover.


Thank you, everyone, for your participation in the Instagram voting!


Hello Everyone!

I'm buzzing with excitement as I share a significant milestone in my authorship journey: I've reached the halfway point in drafting my first book! That's right, 50% of the first draft is now on paper (or rather, on the screen). It feels surreal and thrilling at the same time.


My current goal is to keep up the pace of completing one chapter per week. Given this rhythm and assuming the book will span roughly 16 chapters, the finishing line for the first draft is now within sight. This process is teaching me heaps, and I've gathered a treasure trove of notes and insights for the second draft. It's a learning curve, but oh, what a fulfilling one!


Now, let's talk about timelines - something I'm pondering over as much as you might be. Here's the scoop: if I decide to self-publish, and everything aligns, we could be looking at a spring release for the book. However, I'm also contemplating reaching out to a few publishers to explore that avenue. It's all in God's hands, isn't it?


But wait, there's more! Ambitious as it may sound, my aspiration is to release not one but two books in 2024. Yes, I'm quite the NOOB in this authorship journey, but I'm learning and growing every day. Who knows what surprises God has in store?


I'm incredibly grateful for your support and encouragement. It's a journey we're on together, and I can't wait to see where it leads us.


Check back next week for more updates on this exciting adventure!

During the holidays, I shared some sample covers generated by ChatGPT for a book I'm currently writing. I'm immensely grateful for your feedback, which has significantly shifted my perspective and even influenced the book's title. (I still regard the title as provisional, and the final cover design is set for a future date.)

Your responses made me realise that many of us feel exhausted and overwhelmed, lacking enthusiasm for the relentless battles we face. The covers you favoured conveyed a sense of tranquillity and serenity. This insight led me to understand that what we truly yearn for are the outcomes. Why do we engage in these struggles? Why are we so deliberate in donning the armour of God? The answer lies in the results - the cessation of harassment, oppression, and the myriad frustrations wrought by the adversary.

Consequently, the working title of the book has evolved from 'The Battle, The Armour, and Breaking Free' to 'The Battle, God’s Armour, and Wonderful Freedom.' This new title places a pronounced emphasis on the glorious peaceful results that comes from fighting the good fight.

Once again, I thank you for your invaluable feedback."

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