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Number 1: 9

Number 2: 30

Number 3: 13

Number 4: 7

Number 5: 15

Number 6: 4

Again. Wow. I was loving number 5 and 6. I did not expect number 2 at all! But again, I see it's more calm and less chaotic. I will say that those who voted for number three were mostly artistic/creative types.

My basic assessment is that the clean simplicity of the second one resonates much better than pictures or busy text. However, after seeing the creatives vote so strongly for number 3 it seems I have some thinking to do.

Thanks again everyone!

Updated: Jan 7

Number 1: 10

Number 2: 34

Number 3: 2

Number 4: 5

Number 5: 24

Number 6: 34

"When I was working with ChatGPT, I requested book covers tailored to different target ages. Numbers 1 and 3 were aimed at GenZ, but it seems they didn't resonate much with that demographic. Number 4 was designed for 30-year-olds, and Number 5 for 50-year-olds – it even has '50' on the top of the cover. Numbers 2 and 6 were designed by ChatGPT for 75-year-olds!

I noticed a pattern in ChatGPT's design approach: the older the target age, the more muted the colours, and the covers tended to be more serene and peaceful. Conversely, the younger the audience, the more intense and vibrant the covers, often with a sense of 'battle readiness.'

Your responses to the covers were surprising, yet they led me to an important realisation. My book delves into the very real spiritual battle we face and underscores the importance of donning the full armour of God. It concludes with the liberation from the enemy's harassment and oppression. What struck me is that most of us aren't necessarily enthralled by the battle itself or the meticulous process of putting on each piece of armour. What we truly desire is the peace that follows. This insight is pivotal and will significantly influence my writing and editing process. Thank you, everyone, for your invaluable feedback!"

Many of you are aware that I recently ventured into exploring various book cover designs, thanks to the capabilities of AI. This exploration led to the creation of several distinct versions of potential covers for my book. Then, just for fun, I dropped some of these AI-generated options to you on my instagram and invited your votes and opinions.

The response was nothing short of astounding. Engaging with you through this process of selection has been an eye-opening experience. This process has not only influenced the visual direction of my book but has also reverberated back to the very core of my writing. Your feedback has led me to reevaluate and even tweak the title of my book.

I am eagerly awaiting the final tally of votes, and once all your opinions are in, I plan to share the results of the vote. None of the current examples will be the cover but it is shaping what the final cover will look like.

Stay tuned for this upcoming post, where I'll showcase the results and share how your voices have influenced the narrative and visual journey of my book. This experience has reinforced a valuable lesson: in the process of creation, every voice matters, and every opinion can be a guiding light. I can only laugh at myself at how wrong I have been when it's come to what I have thought of as amazing covers. Apparently I have a unique and not widely held book cover taste! Ha.

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