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Brian Ingraham preaching in Glasgow

Brian Ingraham was once told by his professor in seminary that he would never amount to anything because he was a terrible writer. Words carry power, both spoken and written, for helping and for harming. Challenging this notion, Brian's journey from a doubted student to a respected pastor, teacher, and author epitomises the power of truth, faith, and perseverance.


A graduate of Multnomah Bible College and Multnomah Biblical Seminary, Brian's deep understanding of Biblical Languages and Theology laid the foundation for his impactful ministry. In 2003, he and his wife Kellie embarked on a life-changing journey to Glasgow, Scotland, where they established Re:Hope Church. Starting with just eight members, the church has grown into a significant multi-location congregation, renowned for its pioneering approach in Scotland.

Brian's spiritual path deepened significantly through dedicated practices of fasting and prayer, influencing major developments in his ministry and leading him to embrace authorship as a natural extension of his calling. His books, derived from years of teaching and spiritual exploration, aim to guide and inspire believers in their faith journey.


As the founder of Scotland Bible School and host of the "Reawakening with Brian Ingraham" podcast, Brian continues to share his passion for Biblical study and personal growth. His life, marked by resilience, faith, and a deep commitment to helping others, has been a source of inspiration and guidance for many.


Join Brian Ingraham in this journey of faith and discovery. Explore his teachings and insights through his books and deepen your spiritual understanding by engaging with his various platforms for teaching and learning.


Brian believes that everyone can grow in their relationship with God, and he is dedicated to helping
others achieve this, knowing everyone does better with help.

Scotland Bible School logo

Brian is the Founder and Principal of Scotland Bible School which is a 3 year course where you study every book of the Bible. Through this school you will have the opportunity to have a deeper, more immersive experience in Word of God than many will have in their lifetime. Over the course of the programme you will be reading each book at least 4 times, learn how to chart out the flow of each book, and learn how to observe, interpret, and apply what you are reading accurately and appropriately. 


By studying each book of the Bible, you will discover the big picture of each book, the overall story of the Bible as well as digging into the details each book contains. 


Once-a-week evening classes will equip you with an understanding of the biblical, cultural and historical background. You will be trained to interpret Scripture from the mindset and culture of the original reader and author. You will also be supported as you take the timeless truths from each book and apply them personally. 


During the first year of the school you will study the majority of the New Testament which will allow you to study the Old Testament over year two and three guided by the understanding of the New Covenant and New Testament writings. 


Anyone can know and experience the Scriptures through this school. Previous education or your current profession does not matter. This school is designed to run alongside your current commitments, and we estimate that the homework is ~10 hours a week. 

If you'd like to learn more or sign up for the next semester, visit the website using the link below:

Re:Hope Church logo in Glasgow

Brian is the pastor of Re:Hope Church, a church he and his wife Kellie planted in 2005 on the doorstep of the University of Glasgow. Re:Hope Church exists as one church with four locations. Re:Hope Church was first established in the West End of Glasgow in 2003 with the purchase of its permanent building in 2011. Since then, Re:Hope Church has started three new churches in Shawlands and Royston in 2019 and the latest in Paisley in 2022.

Re:Hope Church believes that God has called them to lay the foundations for a long lasting reawakening. Everything they do flows out of a desire to see many people come awake to God and alive in Jesus. Therefore, they prioritise obsessive closeness with Jesus, living with gutsy faith, with a heart to see people grow and become who God has made them to be. Each location of shares the same vision and values, but is locally attuned to their community and calling.

With locations across Glasgow and Paisley, Re:Hope Church invites you to come and see! There's a place for you at Re:Hope and they'd love to help you plan a visit, meet some people like you and get settled in a new church home. Learn more about Sunday gatherings and what's coming up at Re:Hope Church by clicking the button below.  

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