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Happy Birthday Dad!

My sister sent me this old picture of my dad holding me as a baby.

Was I the original inspiration for 'The Elf on the Shelf?'


First off, a huge Happy 73rd Birthday shoutout to my incredible dad! Your unwavering love and support have been amazing.

I'm excited to share that I’ve reached another milestone – 75% completion of the first draft of my book. The finish line for the first draft is now set for March 15th, ambitiously timed to coincide with the arrival of my daughter and her missions team to Scotland.

However, this goal does come amidst a whirlwind of commitments. This Sunday, I’ll be concluding my teaching series on Abraham at Re:Hope Church. It's been a powerful journey, and I'm gearing up for a seamless transition into a series of special teachings as we move closer to Easter.

Additionally, the calendar is marked for March 12th, when I’ll have the privilege of teaching the book of James at the Scotland Bible School. (Coincidentally, my sister’s birthday.)

With a bustling schedule ahead, I'm leaning into the challenge with gratitude for the support network surrounding me – from my family to my church community and everyone in between. Your encouragement fuels my determination to meet these goals head-on, balancing the demands of teaching, writing, and all the things.

I’m calling on your continued support and prayers as we venture through this packed season together. Every message of encouragement, every prayer, and every bit of support adds strength to my journey.

Pray for me that all will go well, and as I study, write, and speak that God will help me in the most obvious ways.


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