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Draft Two-- Here we go!

Hello everyone,

(note on picture: I described myself to ChatGPT and this is what it made. Remarkably accurate if you ask me! ha!)

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to bring you up to speed with the latest on my book-writing adventure! I’m now diving back into editing the second draft of my upcoming book. This phase is moving along quicker than the first draft, and I anticipate the third draft will be the swiftest yet.

The journey hasn’t been without its delays, primarily due to my recent and upcoming engagements. Last week, I had the privilege of teaching 1 & 2 Peter and Jude at Scotland Bible School. Looking ahead, this Friday, I'll be in Edinburgh presenting a workshop on the effectiveness of church planting via video locations, as we practice at our Paisley and Royston sites. The session aims to explore why and how this method could serve as a viable church planting option in Scotland.

Despite my busy schedule, returning to my writing has been exciting. Thank you all for your steadfast support and encouragement.


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